Thursday, 24 July 2014


Dance with the devil once and he will follow you around..Guys are progressing well with bits and pieces of the tail being made.We have the all important stainless steel triangle gusset which joins the horizontal to vertical tail and this has been restored ready for reassembly in our purpose built jig.
Frames manufactured are F19 rear,F20 aft and the Forward F20 frame and the tall F21 Frame.Some smaller interconnecting diaphragms are also done as well.Design work is continuing onto the rudder lines and filling in gaps.

Back to the fuselage we are waiting for some hatches to be made and the arrival of a set of rivet spacers (think of an old time hand fan that rivet spacings can be adjusted evenly) which will make drilling off rivets a lot quicker.

The arrival of some smaller parts have been muchly appreciated and in time will be restored and placed in storage ready for instal.

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  1. Wow wonder where this is being done or is it finished